"What I love is near at hand."

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mason Scott Romney 

Born May 12, 2015.
7lbs., 11 oz.
20.5 in.
And beautiful!
Papi and Nana

Daddy and Nana  checking over baby Mason.

Nana and baby Mason

Uncle Sammy and baby Mason

Papi and baby Mason

Going Home!

Mother's Day 2015

I had such a wonderful Mother's Day this year.  It started out on
Saturday afternoon when I received roses in the mail from Greg, Lizz, and the girls.  I love getting flowers in the the mail! And they came in a pretty blue mason jar that I will use over and over again!  Chocolates were also in the package!

On Sunday Mike, Carina, and Sebastian came over.  Scott grilled some
carne asada and Carina made beans!  Mike and Carina gave me a rose
plant and a gift certificate to Daisy Nails!  Nice, nice!

Timmy also gave me a Daisy Nails certificate and some of my favorite
protein bars.  So very thoughtful of him to do that for me!

Matty made me a keychain in his shop class at Stapley Jr. High.  So cute!

Sammy carved a candle in cub scouts and made a darling card in his  4th grade class.  Those are always the best gifts!

Scott spoiled me with brand new luggage!  Pink luggage!  I love it!
My friend, Michel, hooked him up real good!

And the best part of Mother's Day was getting to Skype with my
Johnny Boy in Chile! He's so dang cute!  It's our last Skype before he comes home at the end of the year!

Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!

High School is coming to an end for Timmy.  He attended his senior prom with this pretty girl, Brionda Chon. I think they look so great all dressed up in their red and blue. 
Tim's senior picture for his announcements!

And the most exciting news is that Tim had his final interview with the
Stake President today and has submitted his mission papers!  He should
be receiving his call in about two weeks!!!  I'm so happy for him!

We celebrated Mike's 27th birthday in April.  Twenty-seven!!!

Sebastian, is so funny....ever since his 2nd birthday, he thinks every birthday cake is for him, and his favorite is blowing out the 
candles!  I sure love that feisty little boy.

 We celebrated Carina's 26th birthday in January!  Such a cute family Mike, Carina, and Sebastian.    

Rosy turned two in March!  I made her a birthday banner out of felt
and mailed it to her in Missouri.  It's one that I hope they will be
able to use year after year for Rosy and Mady.  We sure miss those pretty girls!  

Since they live so far away right now, we had to celebrate by singing Happy Birthday to her over Skype.  

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Jakey turned sixteen on the 23rd of February!
Jake is in the 10th grade at Heritage Academy,
and he plays on the school's basketball team.  
In fact, he was team captain this year.
In addition to playing basketball, he likes
to ride his longboard, loves clothes and shoes, and is 
a really fun uncle to his nieces and nephew.
They just adore him!  He is still a quiet boy, but 
has a mean temper when he gets mad.  He will contentedly hang out
at home until a friend invites him to do something, like go 
to Taco Bell, play ball, or go to their house.
His favorite dinner is Taco Soup! And he still loves
sugary treats way too much! 
Happy Birthday, Jakey Boy!