"What I love is near at hand."

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back to School

Timmy, 12th grade

Jakey, 10th grade

Matty, 7th grade

Sammy, 4th grade

Sammy is the lone survivor at MacArthur!  It's so strange to see only one
boy walking off by himself to our neighborhood elementary school.  It's been 
21 years since Mikey was the only child going to school.  I think Sam was 
a little sad to not have a brother to walk with.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Eight months
Johnathon has been gone eight months.  And the time, for me anyway, has just flown by!  I see such a difference in his letters lately.  He absolutely loves is companion, Elder Nilsson, and has grown to love the people of Chile.  He's becoming selfless and learning so much.  He has developed a true testimony of prayer and has relied on his Heavenly Father to get him through some very difficult times.  
Elder Nilsson and Elder Romney between the train tracks.  Looks scary!
Elder Romney flashing his favorite sign.

A hike up a mountain for some p-day fun!

Johnathon has told us several times how much he loves service as a missionary.

Elder Nilsson, Valentina, and Elder Romney

Posing on a rainy day 

Working in the kitchen.  Oh yea!  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

May birthdays....

Matty turned 12.  He was soooo excited to be
ordained a deacon and do all the things deacons
get to do...like pass the sacrament, collect fast offerings,
and attend mutual with all the big boys on Wednesday 
nights.  He worked super hard memorizing his Articles 
of Faith so that he could receive his Faith in God
Award from primary. (I may or may not have had to bribe
him to get those memorized before his birthday!) But he did
it, just like I knew he could!!!  Matty is a good kid.  He
LOVES to play baseball and he also loves to annoy his 
brothers.  And sometimes his mom.  I can always count on
Matty for a sweet hug and kiss.  He's entering that "I'm Cool"
stage of boyhood.  For some reason it is swaggy to hang your
tongue out in every picture.   

And our Sammy boy (MY BABY!) turned 9.
He still loves to play with his legos, and we went 
shopping with his birthday money to pick out a new
set.  He stayed up too late on a Saturday night putting them 
together, and then got up early on Sunday morning 
to work on them some more.  He likes to play video games, 
play baseballwith his brothers, and 
loves playing with his little neice and nephew!  They adore
Sammy, too! He's still shy and sweet and mama's baby. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


In April Jakey participated with the Teachers and MiaMaids from Church in a triathlon.  I attended the activity as a leader for the girls, and was able to be there with Jake!  He did such a great job swimming,
biking, and running!  What a great, organized event it was for all of the youth.  We are blessed to be a part of such an amazing church that provides such opportunities for these kids.  

Little League

Last night we had our last little league game of the season.  Both Matty's and Sammy's teams made it to the championships. They went into last night's games being undefeated.  The Braves lost both games, and I was proud of Matty's attitude.  He said he was happy for those guys, because a lot of the players on that team are on his Club, "Lights Out," team.   The Tigers lost their first game and won the second!  Sammy hit a triple towards the end of the game! While league is over for the season, Club ball continues and All-Stars will be starting.  It's never-ending baseball around here!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day and Skyping with my missionary!

Johnny has been in Chile for five months now!  And I could already tell that his Spanish is coming along great!  It was so cute how he sometimes struggled to find the right word in English.  And he has learned to roll his r's like Spanish-speaking people do. It was fun to see his handsome face and watch the way that he kept looking at Tatum!  The hour that we got to Skype with him went by way too quickly! It was the best Mother's Day present ever!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Timmy asked Paighton Wright to his high school prom.  I sure admire and appreciate this boy's independence.  He took care of every single detail himself...from finding a clever way to ask her to picking out and ordering her corsage.  And those shoes were all his idea! Tim has never needed me to hold his hand for much of anything. When that boy wants something, he knows how to go about making it happen!  They looked so nice dressed up all fancy for the occasion. He says they had a great time!  Prom is such a fun experience in a teenager's life.