"What I love is near at hand."

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Jakey turned sixteen on the 23rd of February!
Jake is in the 10th grade at Heritage Academy,
and he plays on the school's basketball team.  
In fact, he was team captain this year.
In addition to playing basketball, he likes
to ride his longboard, loves clothes and shoes, and is 
a really fun uncle to his nieces and nephew.
They just adore him!  He is still a quiet boy, but 
has a mean temper when he gets mad.  He will contentedly hang out
at home until a friend invites him to do something, like go 
to Taco Bell, play ball, or go to their house.
His favorite dinner is Taco Soup! And he still loves
sugary treats way too much! 
Happy Birthday, Jakey Boy!

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Big move for Greg and his family

Greg was granted an internship at Monsanto
for Chain Supply Management.
They are located in St. Louis, Missouri.
Greg is beyond excited for this opportunity,
and Lizz has been super supportive by packing
up everything, leaving her comfortable home,
and taking those cute babies to be right 
alongside him! The good news is that it will
be for only five months.  I sure miss those
pretty granddaughters of mine!

Monday, January 12, 2015


Timmy turned eighteen years old on December 4, 2014.
I have another adult child!!!!  Now he can go to all those
doctor, dental, and orthodontic appointments without me!!!
That's one of the perks of them becoming an adult, for sure.
We celebrated with caramel brownies and singing "Happy Birthday"
at Mike and Carina's house on a Sunday night.

He is playing varsity basketball at Westwood High School.

Tim and Sunni Swanson went to Mountain View's 
Winter Formal dance. Sunni is a darling girl,and they've been friends since pre-school days!

Another game day.  They wear the jumpsuit when the game is played at 
home, and then they wear the shirt and tie when the game is played away. Tim has surpassed his dad and brothers in height!  He is 6' 4" and I thinkhe's still growing!!! He wears a size 13 shoe!

And Tim went to Westwood's Homecoming with a girl named
Rebecca.  She's a cheerleader at Westwood, and a very 
pretty girl.

One Year

Elder Romney is now half done with his mission!
It's gone by very quickly!  He's grown so much and 
is really loving his mission.  He's come a long 
way since those first few months when he was struggling
with the language, his trainer, and all that encompasses 
life as a missionary.

It's tradition in his mission to burn a shirt at the year mark.
That boy has always been a fire bug!

Thanksgiving in Utah

It's been tradition for Scott's side of the family to
take turns hosting Thanksgiving.  For
the past four or five years, we've been rotating 
back and forth between Utah and Arizona.  We used 
to include California in the rotation,too.  This year
was our turn to travel to LaVerkin, Utah.  It's always so fun
to pack up the car and get out of town for a few days. 
The weather in Utah this year was just perfect!  We didn't need any 
of the heavy jackets, gloves, or hats that we packed.  Well,
I needed my winter things at night, but no one else did!  

We had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner outside with those
beautiful trees and mountains for scenery! Megan decorated
the table so nicely, and it's always so much fun cooking and
preparing together in the kitchen with my sister-in-laws
and nieces.

Family pictures with Scott, me, and the three youngest boys.
Timmy had basketball going on back in Mesa, so he chose to
stay behind.  Life sure is easier with just three children!

 Greg, Lizz, Rosy,and Mady were able to come up, too, for a couple of nights!!!

Me and my girl, Rosy!

Sammy got some quality game time in with Evan.

We were able to make a quick trip to Cedar City to visit
our good friends, Steve and Mariana Remington.  We all
lived in the same apartment complex when we were
newlyweds in Santa Monica, California.

After visiting our friends, we took the boys 
to see the temple lights at the Saint George 
temple.  It's such a pretty temple, and it 
wasn't crowded at all!  Loved it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

 A baby blessing

Baby Madasyn was blessed by her daddy on Sunday, November 9, 2014.

This is baby Gregory on his blessing day, Oct., 1990.

Pretty Rosy.

Halloween 2014

Zach Fuller, Brody Fuller, and Sammy


Rosy and Sebastian

Rosy Poo