"What I love is near at hand."

Thursday, November 3, 2016

One Year

October 7th marks one year a missionary for Timmy!
It always goes so fast.  And the second year 
goes even quicker.  He has spent the last six
months in the office serving as secretary to the
President of the mission.  He grew to love it and
really learned a lot of valuable skills.  He even had 
many finding, teaching, and baptizing opportunities.

Here he is out to lunch on his p-day celebrating his
one year mark(although he is in no hurry to 
have his mission come to an end)!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Carson Jesus Romney

Arrived June 14, 2016
8 pounds, 1 oz.
20 inches

Proud parents:
Michael and Carina Romney
Cute brothers:
Sebastian and Mason

He is a beautiful baby boy that mostly 
resembles his mama at this point, anyway!

Mike and Carina will definitely have their 
hands full with three little boys under three
years in age, and Mason and Carson are just
thirteen months apart!  Mike, fortunately, is given paternity 
leave with his job at the Federal Reserve.  That has been tremendously helpful to their family!  They also just bought a new home in Gilbert, Arizona and have been very busy moving and getting 
settled in.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Six months

As of April 6th, Timmy has been out on his mission 
for six months.  Six months!  He truly is loving his mission.  
It is difficult and challenging, but he
works hard and takes his calling very seriously.  I'm so
thankful for that.  I know there is nothing more important
that he could be doing with his life at this time.  What
a blessing it is to have this opportunity.  
We miss his funny personality, his laugh, and his energy.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Baby Scotty

Greg and Lizz gave birth to their third
child on Easter Sunday, March 27th!
 Scott Antonio Romney
8 lbs., 14 oz., 21 inches

He looks just like his daddy, and he even
came home from the hospital wearing the 
same outfit Greg wore when we brought 
him home over 25 years ago!

He's a darling little boy.  Grandbaby #5!


Johnathon returned home from serving a two-year
mission in the Chile Santiago South Mission
on Friday, November 13th.
I love the anticipation of seeing them for the
first time and getting that first hug!!!
He looked so exhausted! And thin!
He was released by the stake president that evening, and
then the next day he flew to Utah to visit Timmy in
the MTC and say goodbye to him before he left for his 
mission in Cordoba, Argentina!  I just love this picture
of the two of them!  What a sweet opportunity to say 
hello and goodbye to each other after not seeing one 
another for two years.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

See ya in two years.

 On October 6th, Elder Timothy H. Romney was set apart as a 
missionary by President Hiatt of the Mesa Central
Stake.  He asked Elder Romney to bare his testimony, and Tim
expressed his love of the Savior and the atonement and 
his desire to bring that message to the people of 
Argentina.  After the setting apart, we went to Texas
Roadhouse as a family for dinner.

After dinner, we came home and Timmy finished packing.
J.R. and Samuel Langston came over to visit for awhile, too.

We had to leave for the airport the next morning by 6:00 AM for
his 7:45 AM flight to Provo, Utah.

Everyone took turns saying goodbye and
giving a last hug!

I know that there is no better thing that Tim
could be doing with his life at this time.
I'm thankful for his desire to serve and
for his testimony.  I'm excited to receive his
weekly emails and watch him grow into a man.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Farewell Sunday

Tim gave his farewell talk in sacrament meeting 
on Sunday.  He did a really good job, too!
I'm always amazed (and thankful) that these boys really
do grow up!  I'm so proud of him and his desire to serve
the Lord for two years in Argentina.  He has made great 
strides, and we've had a fun summer being home together.  
I've loved how he has made his family a priority and spent a lot 
of time with us.  I'm gonna miss him, for sure! But I know he is doing the best thing he could be doing at this time in his life.